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Planning to buy an air-purifier? Here are few things that you must keep in mind

If you are planning to buy an air-purifier and need some help in picking the right one for your home, here are some key factors that you should consider:

1.  Type of filter- I have already explained the types of filters available in India. Please read my article here. One should only go for HEPA filtration as it is a standardised technology which has no major drawbacks. Now I will make you aware of the clever marketing tactics of some companies. Some brands sell filters as True-HEPA or HEPA type filters. You might find these products advertised as having “99.9% efficiency” or something like that. But the most important thing is what’s the minimum particle size they can filter at that level? Please do keep in mind that the True HEPA and HEPA type are not the HEPA filters. In some cases, HEPA-type filters can allow allergens, dust mite particles, and more to escape! That’s because some of the most common airborne particles that give people problems are smaller than they can capture. The HEPA type or True-HEPA purifers may look cheap to you but in my opinion these filters are best avoided and you should smply buy the real thing.

2.   Size of the room - The size of the room is important as it helps in determining what type of air purifier you need. It is always advisable to select an air purifier that is designed to cater a space bigger than your actual room space. To put it simply, in case of air purifiers - bigger is better. The capacity of the purifier should be in the top check-off list, as smaller capacity air purifiers will definitely look cheap in price but they may be turn useless if they are not the apt fit for your room.

3.   CADR -  I have already explained CADR (click here to read the article)  in of my articles. To put it simply- One of the easiest ways to judge the effectiveness of an air-purifier is its CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate. CADR value helps us understand that how much clean air is coming out of an air-purifier in a given amount of time. So, higher the CADR number better is the efficiency.

4.   Noise and energy consumption – When looking for an air purifier it is important to see how much noise it produces. This feature is particularly important during the night-time when you sleep. Look for an air purifier that either makes less noise or comes with a night-mode. Now how much noise a air purifier makes is also linked to the capacity of the purifier, if you use a small capacity air purifier in a bigger room, the fans will work at the maximum capacity to clean the air. When fans will continue to work at maximum capacity you will definitely hear noise which will be more evident during night.

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