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Top 2 Budget Air purifiers

If you are looking for Best budget Air purifiers ( within Rs 10000) in India then I have narrowed on to 2 such models. the first one is Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier and second model is Mi Air Purifier 3. 

Both the models feature true HEPA filters - read my article on HEPA filters here

Mi has a Smart app control and works with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa while Philips purifier requires to be switched on/off manually.


Mi gives effective area coverage of 484 sq ft with CADR of 380m3h while Philips recommended room area is 226-333 sq ft.with CADR of 270 m3/hour

Mi has 3 stage air filteration contrary to Philips air purifer providing 4 stage filteration process

Philips air purifier has been tested to remove H1N1 virus and has been allergy tested by ECARF.

Warranty- MI 3 provides 1 year warranty and Philips provides 2+3 years extended warranty

So, these were the major differences between the Top 2 budget air purifiers available in India.

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