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Top 5 Air Purifiers in India


Indian cities rank in the top 5 cities in the world with extremely high levels of pollution. I have already discussed the harmful effects of pollution on health in one of my previous articles. However, the good news is that these pollutants can be easily removed from the air by installing a good quality air purifier. The pollutants are responsible for causing allergic reactions such as coughing, eye irritation, headache among other problems. Thus, the need for an air purifier at home or office where we spend maximum time is very much there.

However, in the market, there are so many options available these days with so many jargons that one can easily get confused. To make your task simpler, I have compiled a list of the best air purifiers in India.

I have picked up 5 air purifiers after undertaking a comprehensive analysis wherein I have thoroughly checked the features, price and customer reviews on various forums.

 Best Air Purifiers in India – 2020 

1.   Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled Air Purifier, TP04 

Dyson is very well known and one of the best brands in the field of Air purifiers. Dyson Pure Cool TP04 comes with very interesting features.

To start with, this device uses an Air Multiplier technology to project and circulate purified air throughout the room at 360 litres per second. This device uses a 360 deg HEPA glass filter and a Tris coated activated carbon filter. Dyson air purifiers have a lower face velocity which helps its HEPA filter to trap 99.95% of the potentially harmful ultrafine pollutants as small as PM 0.1. Other purifiers have a high face velocity forcing air through their filters which can cause some pollutants to escape back into the room.

With Dyson Pure cool, you can monitor indoor air quality via mobile app. This device has been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Dyson is unbeatable when it comes to performance. Dyson TP04 houses advanced features and the machine is highly reliable. Even though this may look pricey but it is definitely worth the money spent. 


2.   Sharp Air purifier with Mosquito catcher FP-GM50E-B

This Sharp air purifier is a mid-ranged product coming from Japanese manufacturer “Sharp”. This device has a HAZE mode which is the X-factor of this device. The HAZE mode can be used if the pollution levels in the room are very high. The air purifier then releases high-density plasmacluster Ions and quickly removes all impurities. This device promises to filter pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. The air purifier has 3 passive filters- Along with true-HEPA filter, this device also comes with Active carbon filter and a Pre-filter.

The air purifier also doubles as a Mosquito catcher. The mosquitos are attracted by the UV light and the black body of the filter. The mosquitos are then guided into a sticky sheet where they get stuck. Going by the review of the buyers, this feature isn’t a great one. This device cannot be connected with mobile/wifi and does not come with a remote.


3.  Mi Air Purifier 3 with True Hepa filter and Smart App Connectivity

MI has entered in the Air purifier category with some very good purifiers. I have already compared Mi 3 with Philips AC1215 in one of my articles. Click here to read

Mi Air purifier 3 is a device which will give you the best value for money.  This Mi3 purifier comes with a 3 layer composite filtration with a true-HEPA filter which can filter 99.97% of pollutants with a particle size up to 0.3 microns. It comes with an OLED display which gives real-time PM 2.5 levels, temperature and humidity.  This device is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.



4.  Philips AC3256/20

Philips is a reputed name when it comes to electronics. The AC3256 comes equipped with excellent features such as Vitashield IPS and AeraSense. With the VitaShield technology, the purifier can effectively remove ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02 um and remove 99.95 airborne allergens. AeraSense technology is highly effective in sensing even the slightest change in the indoor air conditions. This air purifier is ideal for Living rooms.

Philips AC3256 air purifier has been certified by ECARF, AHAM and Airmid. This purifier has a thick NanoProtect  HEPA filter which is designed for superior purification efficiency. This device has a sensor touch panel and gives real-time PM 2.5 readings. 


 5.   Coway Professional Air-purifier (AirMega 150(AP-1019C))

Coway started its journey from home wellness appliances in the Republic of Korea. Coway claims to have the World’s Largest R&D Centre for Air Care Products. 

AirMega is a simple looking product with nothing flashy about it. To simply put it – Looks ain’t inspiring. However, it is designed in such a way that full-frontal portion has been used for air intake. Airmega 150 has a H13 Grade True HEPA filter. It has a green coating of extracts from Sumac trees and Gingko leaves to impart anti-microbial and anti-viral properties to the filter. This purifier filters the air with its 3 stage filtration which constitutes of Pre-filter, Carbon filter and 25 mm true HEPA filter. This device has an inbuilt Air quality sensor which shows the quality of air through intuitive colors. This purifier has been ECARF certified.



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