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Must have features in a robotic vacuum cleaner

Before going ahead with the purchase, you need to be aware that the cost of the robotic cleaners varies with factors such as filter types, dust bin size, type of cleaning (Zigzag, Spot), noise levels, connectivity, house mapping facility and last but not the least "vacuum only or vacuum plus mop" cleaning mode. I am listing few key points here that you should consider before homing onto  a specific model

  • Always check the battery capacity. Prefer bigger battery capacity, so that your house is atleast vacuumed in one go before the cleaner goes for charging.
  • I would strongly recommend to prefer a Zigzag mode cleaner than Auto mode - In Auto mode, your robotic cleaner will clean your house travelling a random path.  Even though the robotic cleaner will ensure that the house is clean but it may choose anypath while in Zigzag mode, as the name suggests, the cleaner moves in a systematic manner which has its own benefits
  • Bigger dustbin - Even though the device is wholly automated, the dustbin of the robotic cleaner will be required to be  manually emptied. The size of the dustbin varies from 0.25 to 1 liter. The smaller the size of the dustbin, more often you will be required to empty it. Roomba i7+ comes with a Automatic Dirt Disposal feature, which can store upto 60 days of waste collected by the robotic cleaner. However, this feature comes at a price. Click here to check the latest listing of the product in amazon.
  • Cleaner should have a feature to Vacuum and Mop your house simultaneously. Some models does the vacuum cleaning first and then do the mopping while others do both these jobs simulteanously.
  • Low noise levels 
  • Suction power - Please keep in mind that if you have pets at home then suction should be effective to  clean the carpets or you can chose Trifo max (specially designed keeping pets in mind). Click here to check Trifo max model on Amazon
  • Should give a flexibility to set Off limit areas from your mobile– I am sure you must be having some areas in your house where you don’t want your robotic cleaner to enter only to get stuck or you don’t intend to clean such areas daily. In my case, my balcony, work area in kitchen and store has been set as no go zones. 
  • Robotic cleaner should have collision avoidance sensors
  • The robotic cleaners cannot climb or come down from the stairs on their own. So, if you have too many stairs in your house, then cleaning the staircase will be your responsibility.

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