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Robotic Cleaner

What are Robotic Cleaners and are they fit for Indian households?

robot vacuum can be a “set it and forget it” appliance.

Robotic vacuum cleaners have come a long way from just being a fancy machine to a must have product at all households. Robotic cleaners are smart devices that takes cares of your cleaning chores with  just a single click. The lockdown imposed to curb Covid spread resulted in no maids and as most of the Indian households rely on maids cleaning tasks, self cleaning has come as a cultural shock to many. Well, after many months of brooming and moping myself, I decided to end this hardship once and fore all. Yes, I decided to automate the cleaning process so that I can focus on other important things in life. 

Broadly Robotic Vacuum cleaners falls into two categories –

  1.  Vacuum 
  2.  Vacuum + Moping

Now choosing either type totally depends on the individual requirements, but I would recommend going with robotic cleaners with both Vacuum and Moping feature. Reason is pretty simple, there’s hardly any price difference and that if you are planning to automate the cleaning process why not handover complete task to the machine. Robotic cleaners will do the work properly ensuring all corners are cleaning but due to smaller in size they will obviously work slower than humans. Now if you will just choose robotic vacuum cleaner then you will have to wait for the robotic cleaner to vacuum the house so that you can start moping.  Even though you can always set the cleaning schedule so that by the time you are busy doing other things, the robotic cleaner finishes the vacuum. But my recommendation is to go for – Vacuum + Mop robotic cleaner. 

Will robotic cleaner work efficiently in Indian households?

Robotic cleaners can work very well on carpeted or on hard surface floors. Generally, the floors of the houses in western countries are carpeted while in India, the floors have vitrified tiles with carpets in limited areas. The robotic cleaners do not have any problem with any type of floor surface. I myself own one and let me tell you - Robotic vacuum cleaner are the best - They are no crib maids and he cleaning output is way better than you can get from your maid.

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