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Air purifier recommended by AllergyUK.org

While doing research on air purifiers, I stumbled upon a website called allergyuk.org

Allergyuk is a national charity organisation which works with the UK government. This website provides a search capability with a database of all known Bacteria, Allergens and Viruses.  This website made my search quite simpler, all I had to do was to go to the Filter products page and select all triggers that falls under the Air purifer category. To my surprise, only one product could  qualify all criterias and that was Amway Atmosphere Mini. On further search, I found that Amway manufactures two types of Air purifers- One is Amway Atmosphere Mini (for houses/offices) and second is Atmosphere drive car air purifer (for Four Wheelers). Amway itself is a very well known company based in Michigan, U.S with presence in 100+ countries and is known for manufacturing high quaility supplements and range of other products. I tried searching Atmosphere mini on known shopping platforms available in India so as to check the availabilty and it was then when I realised that Amway sell its products only through their Amway Business owners. I have had a very good experience with one of the Business owners who briefed me on the air purifiers and I personally interacted with few of the users who gave me 5 star recommendation of the product. Infact, I was so convinced with the specifications that I did end up buying Atmosphere drive car air purifier for my personal use. I am very happy with the purchase. You may also contact any Amway Business owner for details of the product or should you want any assistance kindly drop a message in the contact us section of this website and I will arrange a call back for you. 

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