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How to choose a Washing machine?

What all things you should keep in mind bfore choosing a Washing machine? In this article, I will explain you th ... Read More

Washing Machine 14 Nov, 2020


CHECK QUALITY OF AIR INSIDE YOUR ROOM People spend most of the time either inside their house or in the office/ ... Read More

Air Purifier 11 Nov, 2020

Best in Class Robotic vacuum cleaner

iRobot - a company founded in 1990 dedicated to make robots for military and domestic use. With 30 years of ri ... Read More

Robotic Cleaner 10 Nov, 2020

Comparing the best Vacuum and Mop robotic cleaners

After going through all robotic cleaners in the price range of Rs 30000 to Rs 35000, I have chosen the two which pr ... Read More

Robotic Cleaner 10 Nov, 2020

Must have features in a robotic vacuum cleaner

Before going ahead with the purchase, you need to be aware that the cost of the robotic cleaners varies with factor ... Read More

Robotic Cleaner 10 Nov, 2020

What are Robotic Cleaners and are they fit for Indian households?

A robot vacuum can be a “set it and forget it” appliance. Robotic vacuum cleaners have co ... Read More

Robotic Cleaner 07 Nov, 2020

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