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What is CADR?

Once you have chosen the type of filter required in an air purifier, the second most important aspect to consider b ... Read More

Air Purifier 07 Nov, 2020

Top 2 Budget Air purifiers

If you are looking for Best budget Air purifiers ( within Rs 10000) in India then I have narrowed on to 2 such mode ... Read More

Air Purifier 07 Nov, 2020

Air purifier recommended by AllergyUK.org

While doing research on air purifiers, I stumbled upon a website called allergyuk.org Allergyuk is a national&nb ... Read More

Technology 05 Jun, 2020

Types of Air Purifier/Filters available in India

 There are 5 types of Air Purifiers available in India  HEPA flters:     HEPA f ... Read More

Air Purifier 05 Jun, 2020

Planning to buy an air-purifier? Here are few things that you must keep in mind

If you are planning to buy an air-purifier and need some help in picking the right one for your home, here are some ... Read More

Air Purifier 23 Nov, 2019

What is a HEPA filter? Are all HEPA filters the same?

 HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air  Generally all purifiers use one of the two types of ... Read More

Technology 23 Nov, 2019

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